Hello, I'm Mona

Marketing coordinator and burgeoning developer entrigued by the user experience while keeping a intruiging design and visuals.

At the moment I live in Stockholm, Sweden and currently designing my portfolio.

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A project that presents the launch of a Whiskey subscription company. The site contains testimonials, lists of popular whiskey brands. Signing up for a subscription is eased by pop-up windows and buttons in strong contrast colors.



For this project the importance of the images was paramount to convey the quality of presentation, ingredients and even taste. "A cake says more than a thousand words".


Love Running

A project that presents the schedule and different running groups for a Running Club. The site helps runners by promoting and advertising running activities and news. The site combines practical information together with social aspects of running.

About me

I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden!

Presently I’m working on my Full-stack developer degree at Code-Institute. I’m fascinated by everything visual and design that can be organised in a practical useful packaging and I enjoy the idea of changing an experience to help someone’s life for the better.

I’ve been a free-lance fashion stylist, marketing-coordinator for home-goods, model booker at a modelling agency. My varied past has created who I am today!

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